The program manages the database of orders – identification data, status, order number, EXC classification, the specifics of documentation. Standards, materials, procedures, information about required products and their quantity, customer information, etc. are recorded. Scanned certificates of basic or additional material, welding supervision diploma, visual inspection certificate and others can be attached to the order as required by the user.


Intended forlarge welding companiesminor welding companies, tradesmen
Number of usersversion for more usersversion for one user
License methodbasic license for 5 WPQRs
every additional 5 WPQR for a fee
without further limitations
Management of the technological process of production
Distribution of products into parts
Evidence of technical drawings
The list of welds
Weld description (type; method; quality; material; …)
Automatic selection of the WPS
Evidence and production management
Evidence of welders and their certificates
WPS Records
WPQR Records
Evidence of customers and orders
Evidence of parts and welds
Certificate records
Production guide
CE Declaration
Affirmation of conformity
Automatic welder assignment
Automatic NDT suggestion
Inspection results records
Evidence of additional certificates

The price of all editions includes one year of technical support. As part of support you have access to newer versions of the application and solutions to user problems.

Do you have specific needs? Are you not comfortable with the licensing method? Contact us. We will prepare an individual offer for you.